Wakanda.ng - How To Make N2500 Per Referral On Wakanda Nation

Do you know You can make N2500 (Two thousand five hundred Naira) for any person that join Wakanda Nation through your affiliate link? This is possible with the new Wakanda Nation package.

Wakanda Nation 

It's no longer news that Wakanda Nation has been in existence for months now and are doing really well. Wakanda Nation has Changed the life of many Nigerians in the past few months through their Income Program, I personally have benefited and still benefiting from the above mentioned program. If you are new on this blog or new to Wakanda Nation keyword you might want to read our previous article on How To Make More than N50,000 Monthly Online Using Wakanda Nation

How To Make N2500 Per Referral On Wakanda Nation

Recently the management of Wakanda Nation introduced a new package called (Wakanda Assurance) differently from the normal affiliate package.
This package has a lot of benefits outside the referral bonus .

WAKANDA ASSURANCE Also called (VIP MEMBERSHIP) : This is a highest Plan with more enhanced earnings. This Plan allows you to earn recurrent bonuses on all your referrals every two months. IE you will get the 2500 bonus every 2 months when your referrerals renew their membership. The bonuses are non-stop and no extra work is required of you. Please note that you must be an affiliate member before you can upgrade to VIP plan
Bellow Are The Benefits Of The New Wakanda Package

When you are on VIP Plan, you will Earn Money in the following ways:
(1) N100 for sharing any sponsored post on Facebook, 
(2) N4 for each comment on any post, 
(3) N50 -daily login bonus, 
(4) N2,500 for each person you refer to Wakanda Nation!
The Registration Fee for VIP Membership (Wakanda Assurance) is N2,500 only and it's a renewable 2 months Plan.   To join, simply login to your affiliate membership account and click on UPGRADE. You can pay online while upgrading or buy a VIP Coupon from the coupon vendors.
Before I conclude on this article  Let me quickly highlight the below keywords concerning Wakanda Nation program.

1) Is Wakanda Nation legit? 

2) Is Wakanda Nation paying? 

3) Can I get paid on wakanda nation without referrals?

4) When can I place withdrawal on wakanda nation? 

5) How much is Wakanda Nation minimum withdrawal? 
This and many more are the constant questions we keep receiving via email and Whatsapp. 

1) Wakanda Nation is legit and have come to stay. They've proved beyond reasonable doubt that they really mean business  

2) Yes Wakanda Nation is paying, myself and a host of other have benefited and still benefiting from it. You cheek HERE for more prove.

3) Wakanda Nation will pay you without referrals if at all you'll be able to accumulate more from the other activities. Twice I've received my earnings without referrals so if you can't refer people to the program just keep accumulating your earnings from the sponsored post and comment respectively. Referring someone mostly is at your own advantage because you'll be paid 1000 or 2500 for any person you referred successfully depending on your package.

4) You can place your withdrawal request every Friday starting from 10am to 12pm. That's the withdrawal form will be open by 10am and closed by 12pm every Friday. You don't have to wait for months before requesting for your money  

5) The minimum amount to be withdraw on wakanda nation is N4000. You must accumulate up to N4000 for you to be able to withdraw  

In conclusion. Wakanda Nation is out to help corb the hardship in the land and also help engage the youths and stop them from lazging around Mostly online. If You are not Yet part of Wakanda Nation family, you are seriously missing out. You can REGISTER HERE and be part of the making money online family. 

You can drop your questions using the comment box. Don't forget that sharing is also caring. Share to all your social media platforms. 


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