How To Register On Wakanda Nation And Make Money Easily.

Earlier this month I made an article on How To Make Money Online Using Wakanda Nation and in today's article I'm going to guide you on How To Register On Wakanda Nation And Make Money Easily.

If you have not read the earlier post I'll advise you do so now before we continue.

Welcome back. Having read the article, Now it's believed that you already have the full understanding of Wakanda Nation and how it works. The next thing to do now the registration guide.

How To Register On Wakanda Nation

To register on Wakanda Nation is very simple. All you have to do is to click on Wakanda Nation yellow link below for a page to open  WAKANDA NATION LINK 

Scroll down a bit and 
Click on the affiliate registration as it appears on the screenshot below.
A page will open for you to still make your choice by clicking on the affiliate registration link.

The next page is where you will fill in your details like Email address, Username and Password and then click PLACE ORDER 

After click on place order the next page is where you will click to enter your card details and finally make the payment.

In summary There are two means of making payment and both are automated to activate your account during your registration.
You can pay with your ATM CARD or buy COUPONS from any of the Wakanda Coupon Vendors.  List of Coupon Vendors and their contacts are on the website. Don’t pay money to anyone not listed on the website if you are using the coupons.
The best form is the ATM card process, as you register, quicklily go through the payment section and various payment options will be displayed for you to make your choice.
This means you don’t have to wait for admin activation again, as you can activate yourself while registering either with coupon or ATM Card payment.   For more information contact me on Whatsapp +2348058882281 and Facebook Abdulmalik

Please, DO NOT deposit or transfer any money to their corporate bank account. Use your ATM to make payment.

Click below to start your Registration: 

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