6 Solid Reasons Why Employees Motivation Is Very Important To An Organization

Motivation is an intrinsic and internal derives within the individuals. It is the process of stimulating people to actions to accomplish the goals. In the work goal context the psychological factors stimulating the people’s behaviour can be -
  • Desire for money
  • Success 
  • Recognition 
  • Job-satisfaction 
  • Team work, etc
One of the most important functions of management is to create willingness amongst the employees to perform in the best of their abilities. Therefore the role of a leader is to arouse interest in performance of employees in their jobs. The process of motivation consists of three stages:-

1. A felt need or drive
2. A stimulus in which needs have to be aroused
3. When needs are satisfied, the satisfaction or accomplishment of goals.
Therefore, we can say that motivation is a psychological phenomenon which means needs and wants of the individuals have to be tackled by framing an incentive plan.

Employees Motivation
According to wikipedia Employee Motivation is the "psychological forces that determine the direction of a person's behavior in an organization, a person's level of effort and a person's level of persistence.

Motivating your employees is vital to any business. A motivated workforce means a highly productive staff, all of which will help you achieve your business goals. And this should be a main objective in your
organizational and business plan .
Before you build a motivational strategy, the first step you need to take is to understand what motivates your employees. What drives them to their peak performance will better help you develop programs that both motivate and retain the best employees for your business.

While not every employee will be motivated by the same thing, focusing on a list of key motivating programs can help. Your plan can include everything from monetary incentives, rewards and recognitions, building programs that support work-life balance, to simply creating a fun, relaxed office environment. The opportunities are endless and the reward substantial.

Reasons For Employee Motivation 

1. Motivation helps change negative attitude to positive attitude:
Without motivation the employees try to perform minimum activities in the organisation. But the motivation fills in the desire to perform to their maximum level. All the resources of the organisation are of no use unless and until the employees use these resources. The motivated employees make best use of the resources.

2. Motivation improves performance level of employees:
The motivation improves the efficiency level of employees which means the employees start performing the job to the best of their ability with minimum wastage of time and resources because motivated employees always go for best utilisation of resources. The motivation bridges the gap between the ability to work and willingness to work and willingness always improves efficiency.

3. Helps in Achieving the Organisational Goal:
The motivated employees always try to achieve the organisational goal and contribute their best efforts for the realisation of organisational goal as they know with the achievement of organisational goal only they can achieve their personal goal. All the employees contribute their efforts in one direction of accomplishment of goal.

4. Motivation creates Supportive Work Environment:
In motivation the relations between superior and subordinates are always improved. When the employees get their need satisfied or get the recognition and respect in the organisation then they always offer a supportive hand to superiors. There is more cooperation and co-ordination in the organisation and all the employees work with the team spirit.

5. Motivation helps the managers to introduce changes:
The motivated employees show less resistance in accepting the changes according to changes in the business environment because they know if the changes are not implemented in the organisation, not only the organisation will lose by this but the employees also will find it difficult to get their needs fulfilled. Motivated employees are always supportive and co-operative in accepting changes in the organisation.

6. Reduction in Employees’ Turnover:
The motivation creates confidence in the employees to get their needs satisfied in the organisation itself. They always select the alternative to remain in the organisation and increase their earning rather than leaving the organisation and increasing their earnings. With motivation the turnovers are less because the satisfied employees never leave the job. 

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